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A 2-day author course by Mr William Hanson

‘Business protocol, networking skills and etiquette for the modern day’

April 30- May 1, 2018
The Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK

During this two-day author’s course, a highly-respected voice in modern etiquette and protocol, William Hanson, will cover the essential rules, tips and techniques to navigate the world of modern, cross-cultural business. On the first day, the focus is on making positive and lasting connections with clients, colleagues and VIPs. Speaker will show how to network with ease, operate with gravitas and open doors to previously locked opportunities. For the second day of the session continues to focus on the visual aspects of the modern businessperson’s armoury, as well as the finer points of corporate protocol.


Expert sessions for executives are provided in comfortable classy environment of the lounge located in the historic centre of Oxford. Well-equipped meeting space, limited participation and concierge services guarantee the personalised attention to every attendee.


Gain a competitive advantage for your career from Oxford. Enjoy cultural socialising in the world education capital.

- Busy schedule? Benefit from distant participation - live streams from expert sessions. All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Academic Union Oxford.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+44 (0) 751 388 73 95


Mr William Hanson

A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a member of Protocol & Diplomacy International: The Protocol Officers’ Association. He is widely regarded as the UK’s freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and protocol who has worked for numerous VIPs and dignitaries.

April 30, 2018


‘Interpersonal Skills and Networking’

Key points of the session:
  • - First impressions count
  • - Handshakes and greetings
  • - Introduction precedence
  • - Small talk topics that don’t involve the weather
  • - Moving from small talk to big talk
  • - Getting rid of the social bore without offending
  • - Open conversations
  • - Including bystanders and strangers
  • - Balancing mingling and munching
  • - How to cope when you forget their name
  • - Leaving a conversation smoothly
  • - Conversational techniques and ploys
  • - Working the room

May 01, 2018


‘Looking like you mean business & business protocol’

Key points of the session:
  • - Carriage and gait
  • - Sitting with style
  • - Entering and leaving a room with presence
  • - Decoding body language signals
  • - Dress, appearance and personal presentation
  • - Business introductions
  • - Business cards and props
  • - Navigating network events
  • - Airport welcomes
  • - Managing meetings
  • - Boardroom positions of power
  • - High context vs. low context cultures
  • - Correspondence and written correct form
EARLY-BIRD FEE (Until March 15)
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Participation to the whole agenda

Complimentary meals and drinks where stated in the agenda

B2B platform for academic meetings and networking

Live stream from the seminar

Certificate of Attendance

Company profile in 'The Socrates Almanac'

Scanned copy of a Visa Letter (if required)

Membership in  VIP Loyalty Programme

Experts’ Conclusion on your company's investment and innovation attractiveness

Presenting your company with the International Certificate upon receipt of positive Experts’ Conclusion


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