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The Academic Union Expert Centre is an independent provider of expert sessions in UK. It was established as Smart Education Platform of the Academic Union Oxford in 2015. The centre provides advanced expert sessions, professional training seminars in cooperation with lead professors and acclaimed sector experts from the U.K. and overseas. We cover a vast range of latest industry trends, enhance leadership skills and maintain professional confidence of executives and senior positions in business, higher education institution, municipality and medical facility. 
The main advantage of our programmes – effective short-term up-to-date topical overviews from acclaimed speakers and practitioners combined with peer networking in the high-class learning environment of the Oxford lounge. We also provide online real time broadcasting opportunities for distant participants willing to get updates from Oxford without going to Oxford.
The concept of the Academic Union Expert Centre was born out of the need to offer our valued VIP participants an inspiring destination outside the office’s traditional four walls, to get engaged with our experts – leaders in specific fields, to share the insights and knowledge that will ultimately support long-term growth for the organization, ensure maximum return on investment and launch new innovative projects. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Academic Union Oxford.
Effective learning approach with case studies and problem solving discussions definitely enrich every participant, who has chosen the Academic Union Expert Centre. An inspired loyal client is the aim we pursue and reach in the everyday work. We do care about the quality of the learning product that we offer. Our executive programmes provide useful and practical content with effective strategies and tools to deal with today professional and career challenges. You, as a leader, will be able to use the updated knowledge for personal career advancement, organisation expanding and as a practical learning tool for your middle and senior employees. 

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